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Dr Prakash Tewari

Dean Renewable Energy Systems, Thermal Engineering, Int... View Profile

Dr B B Kotturshettar

Dean Advanced Manufacturing Engineering, Industrial Eng... View Profile

Dr G U Raju

Professor Carried out research work in the area of composite... View Profile

Mr Tavarageri Swamy

Professor Computer-Aided Design... View Profile

Dr Vinayak Neelakanth Gaitonde

Professor RESEARCH INTERESTS: • Traditional / Non-Traditio... View Profile

Dr Venkatesh A Raikar

Professor Industrial Engineering... View Profile

Dr Nagaraj R. Banapurmath

Professor Alternative and renewable fuels for internal combu... View Profile

Dr Anil Badiger

Professor Total Productive Maintenance/Manufacturing... View Profile

Dr Siddhalingeshwar I G

Professor Research interest areas are Synthesis and characte... View Profile

Dr Krishnaraja Kodancha

Professor Machine design is one of the main vertical in Mech... View Profile

Mr Shivanandagouda Patil

Associate Professor Product Innovation, Product design and development... View Profile

Mr Basavaraj Kakol

Associate Professor Production management, design and analysis... View Profile

Dr Shivakumar Burli

Associate Professor Data analysis of experimental results... View Profile

Shree Vivek Komalapur

Associate Professor ... View Profile

Dr Gireesh N M

Associate Professor Alternate fuels for I.C.Engines. Use of Bio-diesel... View Profile

Mr Venkappa N Sanagoudar

Associate Professor Production Engineering... View Profile

Shree S V Dhotrad

Associate Professor ... View Profile

Dr Veeresh G Balikai

Associate Professor Manufacturing Engineering and Management... View Profile

Mr Ramachandra Gowda

Associate Professor Renewable energy sources , like solar thermal and ... View Profile

Mr Umesh Hosmani

Associate Professor Manufacturing Engineering,Design of machine tools,... View Profile

Dr Vinayak N Kulkarni

Associate Professor My expertise lies in the areas of Industrial Engin... View Profile

Dr Arun Y. Patil

Associate Professor Current Research interests: Bio materials, Bio-com... View Profile

Dr Mahesh Gorawar

Associate Professor Specialization in Solar Thermal System for crop dr... View Profile

Mr Virupaxgouda Goudar

Associate Professor Kinematics of Machines, Dynamics of Machines and M... View Profile

Mr Gurupadayya Hiremath

Assistant Professor Pursuing research in solar cells... View Profile

Mr Ashwin R Kubasadgoudar

Assistant Professor Renewable Energy... View Profile

Mr Vijaya Kumar N

Assistant Professor Working in the field of Bio Nano composites and in... View Profile

Mr Vinay Tigadi

Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering... View Profile

Mr Ramesh Sarangamath

Assistant Professor 10 Years of experience as Design Engineer.... View Profile

Mr Vinayak Khatawate

Assistant Professor Engineering Analysis and Design, Operations Resear... View Profile

Mr Aditya Deshpande

Assistant Professor Automotive engineering including EV/HEV and their ... View Profile

Dr Rajashekhar Hosamath

Assistant Professor combustion,Heat transfer... View Profile

Mr Praveen Goggal

Assistant Professor Thermal Science and Engg... View Profile

Mr Sridhar M

Assistant Professor Pursuing research in field biomechnanics... View Profile

Mr Suresh H Karebarmannavar

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Sreenath T V

Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering... View Profile

Dr Prabhakar M Bhovi

Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering... View Profile

Mr Sanjeev Kavale

Assistant Professor engineering education research. Pedagogy, assessme... View Profile

Mr Shivanand Prabhuswamimath

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Mr Anand Lakkundi

Assistant Professor Expertise in Planning, Conducting Experiments as p... View Profile

Mr Gururaj Fattepur

Assistant Professor Engineering Design, Product Design, Bionid Design ... View Profile

Mr Satish G J

Assistant Professor My expertise is in the field of Machining, Higher ... View Profile

Dr Gireesha R Chalageri

Assistant Professor Dynamic analysis of rotating components... View Profile

Mr Balachandra Halemani

Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering... View Profile

Dr Adarsh Patil

Assistant Professor My research interest lies in Materials science, Na... View Profile

Mr Mantesh C Choukimath

Assistant Professor Experienced Assistant Professor with a demonstrate... View Profile

Prof Madhusudhana H K

Assistant Professor Fracture Mechanics, Materials Science Composites, ... View Profile

Mr Shreeshail Mahesh Lalsangi

Assistant Professor Tribological studies, Materials, Manufacturing sci... View Profile

Mr Shivaprasad Mukhandmath

Assistant Professor Current reaseach area includes product design, App... View Profile

Mr Santosh Billur

Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering... View Profile

Mr Nagaraj Ekabote

Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering... View Profile

Mr Praveenkumar M Petkar

Assistant Professor Praveenkumar P Petkar has expertise in Metal formi... View Profile

Mr Preetham R Umarani

Lecturer Thermal Engineering... View Profile

Mr Rakesh Patil

Teaching Assistant ... View Profile

Mr Sachin Khot

Assistant professor Mechanical Engineering... View Profile